Bettie Page - Picture This Spanking Bat

Bettie Page - Picture This Spanking Bat
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Beautifully designed, this spanking bat features 2 broad spanking surfaces, an ergonomic handle complete with a wrist strap and is adorned with a classic black and white photo of Bettie Page in a classic pose.

This dual-sided paddle is perfect for delivering a range of sensations. Tenderly stroke your partner's bottom and thighs using the paddle's soft quilted side to build anticipation. Once you've teased your partner into an erotic frenzy, flip the paddle and use the smooth, hard side to send sharp slaps and blissful stings searing through your lover's flesh.

Once playtime is over, soothe your partner's skin with a nourishing after spanking cream, ready for next time...

Key features:
- Wide spanking paddle
- Sumptuous, quilted faux leather side and smooth, rigid side
- Ergonomic 10,2 cm handle
- Broad spanking surface - 17,8 cm length and 12,7 cm width
- Detailed wrist strap
- Beautiful classic image of Bettie Page
- Presented in a beautiful Bettie Page storage box
- Set includes an exclusive collector's card and keychain
- Collect the full Bettie Page set!

Length: 69,1 cm
Material: Faux Leather
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