BzzzBuddies - Pandy

BzzzBuddies - Pandy
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Personal massager.

Pandy was a wee little panda bear who lived in the forest. One day, as he went for his afternoon walk, he passed by a large bamboo tree. The bamboo began to laugh and asked, "Are you really a bear? I have never seen such a small bear in all my life." Pandy smiled and told the bamboo, "I like being small and unique. I am the only bear in the whole forest who can play with the caterpillars and take a nap on a flower petal." The bamboo stopped laughing as he thought about all the fun things he could do. Pandy smiled and said, "My name is Pandy. I'm always happy to make a new friend." The bamboo replied, "I'm sorry for making fun of you. I realize now that happiness isn't determined by the size of your body, but by the size of your heart." The two shook hands and their newfound friendship filled the forest with joy.

- Compact personal massager
- 4 interchangeable tips
- Easy twist control
- Powerful vibration
- Waterproof
- Lube friendly
- 100% phthalate free
- 1 AA battery required (not included)
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