Extase Sensuel - Coffret Orale Passion

Extase Sensuel - Coffret Orale Passion
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Fire caresses, fantasies and passion for two.

Coffret content:
- Unisex Stimulant Orale Passion Gel airless 30 ml
- Blind Fantasies Mask
- Scented and floating candles Extase Red Passion

Secrets Coffrets for your ecstasy...

Smell sex stimulates your emotions by candles Extase Red Passion. Bathe with this flavor your intimate space, the desires of love and sexual union with your partner will raise.

In addition with the Blind Band Mask, you will also free and focus the rest of your senses in your deepest fantasies and secrets, for two.

This is an ideal setting for a sensual massage and stimulating with Orale Gel Passion. Applied externally as caresses of fire especially on the lips, it enhances pleasure and sensual energy embedded in both women and men.
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