Gun Oil - H2O Water Based Lubricant 120 ml

Gun Oil - H2O Water Based Lubricant 120 ml
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Delivers super smooth, long-lasting glide with a wetter, lighter-weight feel than silicone.

• Purified water-based
• Condom compatible
• Aloe Vera and Oat to minimize irritation
• Ginseng and Guarana to increase blood flow

The ideal double agent. Gun Oil H2O is the premier purified water-based lubricant that delivers super smooth, long-lasting glide with a wetter, lighter weight feel than silicone. Ideal for your on-going re-entry to target, Gun Oil H2O is safe for all sexual equipment and members of your brigade. Contains added extracts of Aloe Vera and Oat to repair and minimize irritation, and stimulating Ginseng and Guarana extracts that promote blood flow to launch your rocket higher than ever.

120 ml
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