Jimmyjane - Essentials Pocket Pleasure Set

Jimmyjane - Essentials Pocket Pleasure Set
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This convenient, compact kit provides all the necessities for any rendezvous. Jimmyjane included two condoms, water-based lubricant and a pair of mints for you to share. Add Essentials to your repertoire (or handbag, glove compartment, back pocket, or carry-on), and expect the unexpected.

All the necessities for any spontaneous rendezvous.

- Two Durex condoms
- Lubricant
- Pair of mints
- Travel case

- Two Durex condoms – safety first
- Water-based lubricant – friction is overrated
- Mints – fresh, tingly and sugar-free
- Travel case – 14 x 5,7 x 1,3 cm
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