Spider - Realism Masturbator Intense Black

Spider - Realism Masturbator Intense Black
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New revolution in masturbation!
What is making you to have pleasant feelings? It has an amazing feature, called Spider, and it will upgrade your pleasure. Let's have fantastic performance feelings you've never had before. You will be invited to an intriguing experience when you use it.

- Materials: Polypropylene (Random Copolymer), Elastomer
- Size: 282 (L) x 89 (W) x 89 (H) mm
- Weight: 736 g
- Color:
• Outer cover: Intense Black or Extreme White
• Elastomer: Pink
- Style: Spider Realism (natural and basic stimulation structure with helical shape)

- The realization of exciting positions
- Ride & Attached system
- Non-toxic material
- Ergonomic internal structure

1. Elastomer
2. Case and suction plate

Color play
Intense Black or Extreme White

Excellent Performance
- The realization of exciting positions: unlike existing limited routines, Spider has a free range of activities and variety of positions that could be implemented

- Ride & Attached system: wherever placed on a flat spot, it is removable (Ride & Attached) and leads to hands free stimulation

- Non-toxic material: Spider is safe for all people as non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are used.

- Ergonomic internal structure: the ergonomic interal structure is maximizing your pleasant feelings, and gives an illusion of a variety of excitements.

Spider guarantees your whole reality of enjoying positions!
Spider astonishes you with more than 12 positions.

Method of use
1. Open the case by separating the top and bottom
2. Attach Spider to wherever you want to use it
3. Adjust the desired angle
4. Put some lubricant inside the hole of the inner part

Before using the inner part, put it in hot water until it gets warm. This will give you more reality.

Cleaning and storage instruction
1. After use, wash the inner part well under running water.
2. Drain and dry well by using a towel and dryer, then store it in the case.
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