System JO - Anal Silicone Lubricant 135 ml

System JO - Anal Silicone Lubricant 135 ml
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JO Anal Premium is the same JO Premium you love in an extra thick high viscosity formula. Made with the finest pharmaceutical grade silicone available, this silicone anal lube delivers pure sensual glide with no numbing agents.

• Super long lasting, never sticky or tacky
• Thicker high viscosity formula
• Waterproof, perfect for use in shower, bath, pool or hot tub
• 100% Latex Safe
• Compatible with non-silicone toys

Not all lube is created equal. Feel the difference and enhance your sensual experience with our top selling System JO Anal Premium.

Made from the finest pharmaceutical grade silicone on the market, it’s the same JO Premium silicone lube you love with an extra thick viscosity for even greater comfort. Contains no numbing agents or desensitizers.

JO Anal Premium provides a sensual experience that’s easier and longer lasting without becoming sticky or tacky. Best of all, this silicone-based lubricant is 100% waterproof

Safe for use with condoms and non-silicone toys.
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