Tickler Vibes - Curvy Rockettickler

Tickler Vibes - Curvy Rockettickler
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"I’m yellow and chubby but nobody’s fool. Try me out, I’m a fabulous tool!"

Curvy is a full-bodied and warm-hearted Rockettickler who loves disco-dancing and all-night exercise. The compact build and penetrating nature makes it a great addition to the family. Curvy comes with two speeds, three pulsation modes and is fool-proof, waterproof and made of super-smooth body-safe silicone. And the batteries are included!

Product Specification:

Colour: Yellow
Material: Bodysafe Silicone
Finish: Soft coated
Size: 150 mm
Weight: 196 grams
Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (Included)
User time: Up to 4h
Frequency: 80 Hz
Max noise level: <50 dB
Interface: 2 speeds and 3 pulsation modes, On/Off
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