VerSpanken - H2O Kit 5 pcs

VerSpanken - H2O Kit 5 pcs
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A new addition to the popular VërSpanken line, this exclusive Big Teaze Toys design lends some never before seen features in a male pleasure product. A adjustable housing allows for a tight, firm fit. The VërSpanken® H2O inserts are liquid filled for a weighted feel and for the ability to enjoy breathtaking warm or cool thermal play. The new VërSpanken H2O offers a new, masculine look in product and packaging that appeals more directly to serious Gay and hardcore markets.

With the inclusion of two textures designed exclusively for thermal play capability, the product offers a broad range of thermal and textural experience. The Smooth and Bumpy inserts (included) are interchangeable and can be easily warmed or chilled. The combined options to mix or match textures and temperatures creates a variety of experiences that can be customized to your urges or mood.

VërSpanken® H2O 5-piece kit (Black/Black) includes:
- 1 piece Snap Fit housing
- 2 pieces liquid-filled Bumpy textured inserts
- 2 pieces liquid-filled Smooth inserts.

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