Xtassie - Cocomini Pink

Xtassie - Cocomini Pink
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The innocence of verginity... It's magic to stimulate your appetite.
Intend the first step for your narcissism.

colour: Pink
Brand: Xtassie

- Cocomini uses high capacity rechargeable battery including USB charging terminal. (USB cable included for free!)
- Cocomini features digitally-controlled moter with 5 vibraion modes.
- It is so quite, isolation from noisy sound level.
- The vibration massager is 12 cm long including hand grip and 2 cm in diameter.
- All materials are body safe as phthalate-free PC-ABS
- Perfect to give away as a gift. Also included a luxery pouch.
- Manual in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean

X-tassie is a designed range of luxury vibrators for women. This range is designed especially for the women with a want of opulence while their regular course of love making. Since 1880, when a concerned person first invented this electronic product, this domain is getting more advanced, striving towards providing people and specially women with toys that she requires for her freedom and pleasure. Today, Xtassie takes pleasure in announcing its yet another achievement in this domain. Till now, these products have been used only for necessity, but Xtassie has made people reconsider their existing toys by adding a dash of panache to adult personal toys for ladies.

Xtassie extends to all women out there, a plush range of designer luxury vibrators that are designed to gift you with as many orgasms as you can solicit. As the first luxury boutique to take responsibility for satiating the wants of luxury, among people pertaining to toys for women; our designer toys are made from only body safe materials. We define ourselves as revolutionary top leaders spreading human happiness.

Xtassie's luxurious female personal massager includes products like Cocomini, Aurora, Hera, Chateau Blanc and Objet. These use high capacity li-ion battery, are completely noise free, have multiple stimulation levels and are designed in such a way so that no one can identify them as massager designed to fit the curves of a woman's body. One is disguised as wine bottle while others as show piece that add class to your bed room!
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