S&M - Heart Paddle

S&M - Heart Paddle
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A special heart filled spanking paddle with a split surface, With a flick of the wrists create spanks that deliver audible impact without too much force. Great for beginners who love to hear the sound of spanking, but aren't quite ready for those full throttle whacks yet. Leaves a great impression of hearts behind.

Product Specifications:
- Made of quality vegan leather this slapper will leave hearts wherever you go.
- Split leather paddle for extra-loud spanks
- Dual-layered spanking surface creates a satisfyingly loud 'slap'
- Rigid handle with wrist loop for a confident grip
- Perfect for those who want audible impact without hard spanking
- Ingredients: 85% polyurethane, 10% fiberglass, 5% nickel free metal
- Includes: 1-32 cm paddle, 6 cm wide
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